Viper Thermal Vision

xander | 12:27 PM
Okay, so we have inputs interfacing with the nerves in your tongue to provide new senses. Now, there's also thermal vision modelled after a viper's senses.
Stapleton's device uses an ordinary digital camera light sensor to capture a scene which it converts into a mosaic of light spots. An array of infrared LCDs then transforms this mosaic into a pattern of heat points which can be projected onto a user's forehead.

As the human forehead is very sensitive to temperature change, Stapleton believes subjects will be able to translate the heat projection into a coarse image in their mind. The technique could also be used to relay Braille messages, he says.

What other senses can we add to our repertoire?
Sonar from Bats and Dolphins?
Birds ability to sense the earth's magnetic field?
Sharks ability to detect the presence of other lifeforms by sensing their electical field?

[ Link via New Scientist ]

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