igaroyle hits 500 Posts!

nym | 11:50 AM


Wow, after just under four years we've hit 500 posts. The wearable community is still as strong as ever, and more and more of this high tech gadgetry is trickling down into the marketplace. The ideas behind Transhumanism are becomming more popular as well it seems, and I'm really curious what the next 4 years are going to be like in this field.

To celebrate, my girlfriend and I have made these t-shirts. All the writers here are getting them (xander, wearaware, dragoon), and I'm going to extend a few free ones to you guys too.

I might regret this later, but everyone who emails me in the next two hours gets a free shirt. Just tell me your size and I'll make one, and mail it out.

Thanks again everyone, and please drop us a line if you want to give us a tip or just let us know when one of us is doing a good job!

Here's the email: igargoyle at gmail dot com.

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