Color Video Recording Sunglasses

xander | 08:29 AM
This looks like a big step forward in sousveillance technology to me. Sunglasses with a built-in color video camera recording 92 degrees of vision with MPEG4 encoding.
Now, since these are supposed to be spy glasses, it can't look like you have a small SGI workstation on your person, lest you arouse suspicion. To that end, the small wire connecting the glasses runs through your shirt and into the included MP4 media device, which stores the video. There's no external battery source required for the sunglasses to function beyond plugging them into the MP4.
No price info listed at the vendor, however this site looks like it has the same hardware for $399 for the glasses/camera and $249 for the video recorder/player. In fact, their sunglasses look more normal than the one shown here.

[ Link via Gizmodo ]

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