Sealand Devastated by Fire

nym | 07:11 PM

goffinj20060623175031.jpgThe totally cyberpunk country called Sealand, which housed the ultra cool data haven called HavenCo caught on fire yesterday. The country, which is based on an anti aircraft tower of the Essex coast of Great Brittian has come under attack on several occasions by people who wanted to lay claim to the tiny country.

“There have been a number of explosions on board as the fire has engulfed gas bottles and batteries. Only one person was on Sealand at the time, whom we understand to be a watchman whose job was to maintain the generators and equipment.

“A team of firefighters was flown to the scene but because of the damage to the structure they decided not to go on board.

“A firefighting tug sprayed the whole structure with water in the hope this would eventually cool the fire and starve it of oxygen.”

A spokesperson for Suffolk Fire Service confirmed the fire was left to burn itself out and was under control by 3.10pm.

Michael Bates of Sealand's royal family vows to rebuild. Good for him, Sealand has been around for a long time, and it would be a shame to see it disapear as it's one of the more successful "Start your own country" projects.

[ Link to original story. Link to followup story. Map of where Sealand is located. Via boingboing. ]

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