Power to the Cyborgs!

nym | 10:01 AM

pdagirl.jpgI found this quote from Network Publics, and found it very inspiring. Technology is being adopted at an amazing rate, and these days it's not uncommon to see people wearing computers on their belt. Even though technology like head mounted displays are still rare, the cyborg desire in our culture is moving at an incredible rate.

It was Japanese teenage girls, after all, who hijacked pagers and portable phones from salarymen in the early nineties, and went on to help shape what came to be known as the mobile revolution. But the story doesn’t stop on the streets of Tokyo, Seoul, or Helsinki. Nowadays, China and India are where the ambitions of mobile operators have turned. Its not just Japanese teens for whom the portable phone was the first personal computer. The wave of wireless and portable computing is engulfing countries that lacked widespread telephone usage, much less computer access. Computers for the masses! Power to the cyborgs!

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