Brain Chips

xander | 07:52 PM
CNN reports on a couple of companies, Cyberkintic and Neural Signals, developing neural implants for the disabled and some of the impacts they are destined to have on the public at large..
"In this trial," he explains, "we've implanted a tiny chip in the brain and that tiny chip picks up signals about moving the arm." The signal is then converted into simple commands that can be used to control computers, turn lights on and off, control a television set. Or, as Donoghue explains, "control robotic devices like an artificial hand... or a robotic arm."
"You are going to have individuals who have super-power of memories, calculation abilities and communication abilities and be far superior than the rest of us."

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I love the last paragraph, but I'm totally on the tranhumanist kick, so the idea of super-powers just makes me boggle with anticipation. Maybe I've just been watching too much Ghost in the Shell and X-Men ;-)

Posted by: nym at June 22, 2006 07:51 AM
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