Steve Mann's Glogger Released!

nym | 01:59 PM


I'm pleased to announce that, Cyborg, Steve Mann and his crew of students are hard at work on a new project that embraces the gargoyle community at large called Glogger. Glogger in their words is "A web service and program that allows people to instantaneously share content from their camera phones (Nokia or Sony Erricsson) or manually from their digital camera.", but I see it as being more ambitious than just another textamerica. This project really aims to bring together the ubiquitious computing community with a service to help enable people in sharing their cyborg experiences.

I'm working with James Fung to create a series of API's that will really empower this service, and I'm already making feature requests. The big benefit of having strong APIs is that, like flickr, people will be able to incorporate glogger into their own personal home pages and create other open source mashups. Already James has a simple way to include a person's feed onto a website using an IFRAME, like this:

James has been really great about getting code underway, and I encourage anyone else out there with a wearable camera to sign up and start uploading. More infomation to come, I'm sure. This is really exciting stuff!

[ Link via James Fung. Thanks James! ]


Oh my, i'm on your glog now too. (the guy in the middle is me) It seems our iframe works pretty well on your page as well.

Posted by: Raymond Lo at May 30, 2006 04:04 PM
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