Rat Brain Controls Fighter Jet

xander | 10:18 AM
A computer constructed from a hybrid of silicon chips and a culture of living rat brain cells has been trained to fly an F-22 fighter jet simulator by scientists at the University of Florida.
One target is to install living computers in unmanned aircraft so they can be deployed on missions too dangerous for humans. It is also hoped that the research will provide the basis for developing new drugs to treat brain diseases such as epilepsy.
Under the microscope they looked at first like grains of sand, but soon the cells begin to connect to form what scientists are calling a "live computation device" (a brain). The electrodes measure and stimulate neural activity in the network, allowing researchers to study how the brain processes, transforms and stores information.

In the most striking experiment, the brain was linked to the jet simulator. Manipulated by the electrodes and a desktop computer, it was taught to control the flight path, even in mock hurricane-strength winds.

All I know is, if you work in a cheese factory, I'd consider getting the heck out of there.

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i remmeber a long time thinkng about whether a computer brain hybrid was possible. Now i know...

Posted by: Exbzurg at May 12, 2006 10:20 PM
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