New Kopin Display Next Week

nym | 03:25 PM

According to DisplayDaily, a South Korean company called Kowon Technology, which is a subsidary of Kopin is going to unveil a new video eyeware next week.

Indeed, the new MSP-209 is already on Kowon’s website. The lightweight MVS - for mobile video spectacles - weigh only 62 grams, making them the world’s lightest, says Kowon. The light weight is due in part to the lightweight Kopin microdisplays, which measure 4.2×4.8mm and weigh only 2 grams each.

The QVGA displays are incorporated in Kopin’s BDM, or Binocular Display Module, which makes it much easier for customers to produce video eyewear since display mounting and alignment issues are already taken care of. A separate power control kit, which weighs about 40 grams, contains a lithium-polymer battery that lasts for 8 hours.

By the end of the year, Kowon plans to launch an upgraded version that provides TV-quality resolution, Asia Pulse Businesswire said.

Expect to see a lot more entertainment video devices over the next year, this trend isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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