Who "Glogs"?

nym | 09:45 AM
Steve Mann coined the term Glog, which refers to a cyborg log. I personally like the idea of it also meaning "gargoyle blog", but that's just because I'm obsessed with Stephenson's idea of a gargoyle capturing vast ammounts of information around him. Mann describes a glog like this:
The main difference between weBLOGS and cyborGLOGS is that blogs often originate from a desktop computer, wheras glogs can originate while walking around, often without any conscious thought and effort, as stream-of-(de)consciousness glogging

Joi Ito is a prime example of a glogger, with his moblog. It is my desire for igargoyle to become an aggregator of gloggers, or transhumanist mobloggers, especially those who have a POV camera capturing imagery.

This was my original concept four years ago, and still is pulsing within me, but I just do not know enough people.

If you have a glog, are interested in starting one, or know of other who do. Please contact me.

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