Weirdest Keybords Evar

nym | 01:06 PM


Based on this article called "The Top 10 weirdest keyboards ever" the public might not be ready for wearable computers just yet. The author slams the wrist keyboard, the frogpad, and the Twiddler, all without one mention of wearable computers. Jesus, it may be weird if you're sitting at a desktop trying to use a Twiddler, but it's really not that weird if you're on the subway or in line at the bank. Just consider this descripton of the frogpad:

The frogpad is a tiny, tiny keyboard - or it would be more suitable to call it a keypad actually. The manufacturer say that you can get up to 40 words per minute if you practice between 6 to 10 hours with it. Any idea why they are calling it a frogpad?

Absolutely no mention of mobile, ubiquitious, or wearable computing.

Tony says: "Alas, the world does not seem ready for the cyborg…". Maybe not yet, but our time will come.

[ Link via Wear-Hard Mailing List / Tony Havelka ]

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