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nym | 02:18 PM
Transhumanists, the group of intellectuals who desire to use new sciences and technologies to increase the human existance both cognitively and physically are very interesting to me, not just because of the advances that they're pushing, but also because of the social backlash to those goals.

When I was younger, I was occasionally called a nerd, mostly because when I wasn't able to become wildly social with my peers, I turned to computers- one thing I could control and completely own mentally. Like most others who had similar experiences, I'm no longer called a nerd, but instead the more favorable term, "geek". I get this respect because this social group has grown through the dot com boom, and the push of the world wide web. I no longer wish to hide my interests as a geek, but stand tall.

Transhumanists though, while a subset of geeks, are less understood. In fact the idea of modifying oneself seems outright alien to many. The idea of pushing one's human shell to the limits to improve performance, and lifespan is even threatening to some. I myself have had conversations with people where I've expressed my desire to live for centuries instead of just one, and found myself in an argument about playing god. Nevertheless the goals of the transhumanist movement are appealing to many, which Stacy Robinson addresses in her book Transhumanism Reloaded:

...It may be a mistake to dismiss the transhumanists as a harmless group of under-socialized techno-geeks. Their vision of a world in which atomized individuals use technology and free markets to achieve dominance over others differs in degree, and not kind, from much of the real world today. At a time when many people feel powerless to influence social conditions, their message—don’t worry about society; technology will make you smart, strong, and attractive—could seem compelling.

It may seem foreign and strange right now to wear head mounted displays and want to put impant electronics under our skin now, but I think like theg geeks and the world wide web, transhumanism and cyborganics are going to become more and more accepted as this group of individuals excels beyond others. I will stand tall with my desire to augment myself because the idea of improving myself is compelling, and I believe while the transhumanist movement is young, the work being done now will be the foundations for years to come.


have you ever read transmetropolitan by warren ellis? you may find some very interesting concepts in the second trade paperback. grandma's boy is also very amusing, a very poorly publicized movie which came out recently.

Posted by: firereverie at June 4, 2006 09:44 PM

im trying to do somthing just like this. i was unaware that there was others. yes just like this article reads.some may feel threatened. those whould be any technical agency that didnt have a "hand in it" and on that note they should hire better scientists. im trying to make an audio device kinda a headset. a mic for my mouth with output plugs and special ear pieces that either totaly block sound (due to harsh freq)or i can hear someone else with the same device wisper at 100 miles away. i have have face pierced 12 times around my face for the device to be fitted and im getting pierced about another 400 times around my entire body for light and elecrical weapons to be placed.if im going to be hi-tech i need to defend the product. id hate expensive macienery to be broken in a facist human "scuff"......i never knew what i was had a name and i never knew there was so many of us i fee a great relief and more motivation thank you......

edison carter

Posted by: clinton androus at July 20, 2006 06:13 AM

hello my name is jacob i think that it is a good idea but want about the poor men who could and maybe can't aford this type cyborgnics. i mean i am into the whole transforming from human to cyborg but could a normal person pay for something like this? i think wanting to live for centuries and seeing how the planet and humans can go would be the best thing to happen. please email me and answer my question what about the poor men.

thank you,
jacob halencak

Posted by: jacob halencak at September 19, 2007 05:59 PM
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