Telepathic Implant

xander | 03:34 PM
Scientists are working on a technology to detect speech without talking.

NASA's approach is to record the electrical impulses from your brain to your vocal muscles and convert them into digital speech.
You say the words silently to yourself and the sensor matches the words you would have said and generates the text or speech.

Now imagine combining it with a bone-conduction device that allows you to hear without sound.
If you can have a conversation with another person somewhere else, without speaking, with no sound, and without anyone being able to tell, how is that functionally different from telepathy?

Since it's already converting brain signals to text then to speech, it would be relatively easy to add translation software to the mix for multilingual communication. You could even broadcast silent communication to multiple people who speak different languages and the software could translate it individually for each of them.

I want my telepathic universal translator implant!

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