Personalized Surveillance DVD?

nym | 04:48 PM

Oh now this is just getting silly. Brits going to vist Alton Towers in England could be tagged with RFID tags, and tracked by cameras. That's not the really silly part either- They intend to sell patrons surveillance DVDs of their day back to them.

Wearing (compulsory) RFID'd wrist bands, guests would be watched as they use the park and will be filmed on rides, which the creators say would also cut crime. Nothing new in a theme park that tags its visitors but the innovation here is that at the end of the day they would then be given the option to buy the footage in a personalised DVD.

The system called Your Day could also be introduced to Busch Gardens, in Florida and Disneyland Paris.

I wonder if you can still buy the video if your kids get caught shoplifting.

[ Link (BBC) via we-make-money-not-art ]

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