Lunar Design's Display Jacket

nym | 06:42 PM
This ubergeek ultrachic jacket is designed by Lunar Design and is called the BLU Jacket. Right now it's just a concept, but it's a concept that includes integrated wireless and flexible displays to gather and display information and yes, probably advertising. Beyond just being a display, the jacket contains a GPS module, with the aim to display a current map of where you are on the sleeve. I think the holy grail for these MP3 jackets I've seen so much of is a flexible display, since the real drawback to wearing one is not being able to get any visual feedback. Certainly once the jackets have embedded displays, it's easy to make them video players as well.

Personally, I just want a t-shirt that I can change the design on the fly. When memes fly over the internet, it seems like fashion is always playing catch up.

[ Link via techiediva ]


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