Got a Roomba

nym | 07:24 PM

While I imagine a lot of the igargoyle readers have already seen or bought a Roomba, I finally made the plunge. I don't expect I'll be a myroombud roomba cover or start hacking on my new slave robot, I am excited to have it join my family.

Janet asked me how much it costs. It was the Roomba Discovery, and it cost $280 after taxes. I didn't want to spend so much, but an ordinary vaccum costs about $200 and this thing actually takes a lot of the work out of the whole process. It also works pretty well on my carpet, and it's already cleaned all the floors in my house. It also has this spot feature to clean one area, and it does this great spiral pattern on the floor. When it runs out of juice, it goes back to it's charging station as well.

Maybe I'll get two and have them fight to the death. Mmm... Romba fight to the death.


How much was it and how well does it clean the carpet?

Posted by: Janet at April 3, 2006 09:34 AM
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