Audio Balerinas and Audio Peacocks

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Ah to be an artist- an artist obsessed with wearable audio. Imagine spending over twenty years coming up with new ways to put speakers on people in creative ways. Maybe you think that's crazy, maybe you think that's brilliant. In either case it makes for some funny pictures. Actually kind of inspiring actually. The above photo is of the "AUDIO BALLERINAS", which incorporated solar panels, along with speakers and samplers.


This other photo is of the "AUDIO PEACOCK", which to me makes me think of a human megaphone, which while amusing makes me think of hearing loss since it uses 16 loudspeakers (150 watts).

The "audio-plumage" is highly directional and functions like an electroacoustic radar dish -- esthetically it has much in common with the way a peacock parades itself in front of the pea-hen (the audience). An Audio Peacock can either amplify its own electronic instrument and voice or receive sounds from outside sources via transmitter/receiver and disseminate them in a space by orienting his high-tech "plumage". Four Audio Peacock units can be acoustically choreographed as a mobile quadrophonic loudspeaker system.

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wow.... how bizarre...

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