Xybernaut Aids Street Lighting

nym | 10:51 AM

Xybernaut's wearable computers are getting used in the United Kingdom to aid workers in maintaining street lights. Seems pretty logically really... workers aren't sitting behind a desk, yet need access to databases and mapping technology, no brainer, get them wearable computers.

Amey's engineers are using the [Xybernaut's wearable tablet-style PC's] to verify and update street lighting numbering, asset attributes and location, with an in-vehicle printer allowing column number stickers to be produced onsite.

The mobile PC also runs MapNow®, the MAYRISE mapping system. This allows Amey's engineers to update unit locations aided by on-screen street maps that are displayed together with lighting unit locations. Following field survey work, the mobile PC synchronises with a central MAYRISE system, instantly updating records from the field survey.

Everyone has Sidekicks, and cellphones these days... how far off are cyborgs becomming a common occurance?

[ Link via google news ]

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