Wrist Worn PC

nym | 01:40 PM


Displays for wearable computers seems to be a big issue since many don't want to have something obstructing their eyesight. This wrist worn personal computer attempts to tackle this problem by affixing the display directly to the wrist. Is this going to be fashionable? Probably not, but it is functional. It has a touch screen which can be used with a stylus and can run for six hours. I still get the feeling that this is just like strapping an iPaq to your wrist somehow.

[ Link via reader John Champlin ]


I love the idea. The classical idea of having a wrist-worn computer has been in sci-fi for a long time, even in Futurama. For a while I was contemplating extending the sleeve for a ipaq 3600 i wound up with to build into a wrist-pc device. This one's got all the function though, wifi, touchscreen, sd cards. They really aughtta sell em right now

Posted by: tetsuharu at March 24, 2006 11:37 AM
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