nym | 02:31 PM
Robolobsters are the newest development out of the Office of Naval Research, aimed at finding and destroying underwater ordanance. The ever so boring ONR calls them "Biomimetic Underwater Robots", but really they're just robolobsters. John who sent me the link on this one says "you need a tougher tool to crack them open and put butter on there.". I wonder what kind of meat is on the inside.
[DARPA spokesperson] Walker said nature has done all the work and figured out that the lobster's design is perfect for operating in heavy surf.

"The lobster is able to maneuver inside the surf zone where the water is very rough," she said. "We want to know, 'How does it do that and keep from being knocked around?'"

"Ain't they cute?"

[ Link via John Champlin. Thanks John! ]

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