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nym | 12:55 PM
Making a wearable that can record your entire day isn't just possible, it can be done for less than 1k. We're not talking about a webcam taking pictures every few seconds either, this is 14 hours of 640x480 30 frames per second MPEG-4 video. Nice huh?

Vitorio Miliano writes:

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2, $150 (direct)
Viosport Adventure Cam II, $200 (direct)
8GB Seagate CF Microdrive, $210 (amazon)

For under $600 you have nearly everything you need. Add a battery pack
for the Recorder 2, add a GPS tracker to log your position throughout
the day, and you're still under a thousand dollars (US).

At the end of the day you have 14 hours of 1mbps 640x480 30fps MPEG-4
video and audio, plus GPS tracks. 8GB is little enough data you can fit
it on one dual-layer or double-sided writable DVD, one disc per day.

For better quality (2mbps) video, get two Microdrives and swap midday,
but you'll need two DVDs per day for all that data.

Don't want to risk your day to rotational media? Get a pair of 4GB
CompactFlash cards and an external photo storage HD (HD + cardreader in
on unit) like the Vosonic or Mediagear units, swap the 4GB cards after
three or four hours each, and dump it to the HD while the other one is
recording live. 4GB CF are ~$200 each, and the HD will be another $200.
Or, just get four 4GB CF cards for 16 hours on solid state media.

The Neuros Recorder looks pretty good. The register did a review of it here, which shows the unit as well as sample images captured with it.


AdventureCam is another project that uses the Neuro to do point of view camera capture. This technique with the Neuros Recorder seems like a seriously good solution if you don't care about doing any kind of processing while you're capturing your video.

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I've been looking to do something like this for quite some time and it totally didn't dawn on me to use the Neuros Recorder for this. Not only is this economically feesible but just about perfect.

Posted by: strages at February 9, 2006 11:34 PM

I was just talking about this a few weeks back. I was explaining the idea to co-workers (who thought I was crazy) and I called it the \\\"soul catcher\\\".

In addition to recording time-date-gps, I was thinking it\\\'d be good to add a simple to activate \\\"interesting moment\\\" flag. So basically anytime something amazing happens, that you might want to remember someday, you just hit a button and it flags it with a chapter marker. Later when your viewing the record you can skip chapters through the interesting parts without having to search :). It would make it alot easier to see the cool or important stuff. You could even review the \\\"important moments\\\" daily and add a little information tab to explain it. It\\\'d probably only take a couple minutes.

The economics are so easy. at 1.50$ per dual layer dvd, you could store an entire YEAR of your life on dvd for only 547.50$ plus the cost of the camera rig. With blue-ray or other high-capacity disks this could get really really manageable. Or just harddrive store it, 3 terabytes would store a whole year (at a cost of about 1800$ I believe). And with the cost of harddrives dropping (and the capacity exponentially increasing) I bet it would keep up with the demand as the years pile on. The record would actually get better as the years went on, better higher definition, better camera, better storage mediums.......

Imagine putting a little shoulder cam on your newborn, and perminantly saving the first few YEARS of his or her life. They could see their first steps, hear their first words, listen to their parents arguing over who was going to change them THIS time. It\\\'s like artificial memory!

Imagine your great grandson popping in a disc and scanning through every point of your life you thought was interesting. He could see how you lived, learn how you made your living, watch you grow old. 210 terabytes would store 70! years of your life. Even at today\\\'s economy you could store that much info (on dual layer dvd\\\'s) for 38,000$. Thats not so crazy!



Posted by: Ncin at March 1, 2006 05:27 PM

oh my god. You've got my black box on your shoulder...

*runs to hardware shop to purchase bits*

Posted by: peter arbuthnott at March 2, 2006 03:22 AM

I bought a bullet cam from viosport that needed an external power supply using a bulky 8 AA battery pack that was quite uncomfortabe. I noticed the camera shifted often. I returned it. I wanted to buy a really high quality pair of video glasses but they range $3k-$4k. Now on ebay I just ordered a pair of video glasses that come with the dvr with an extra battery. The camera is built into the glasses hidden inside the nosepiece where no one can see it. The camera is powered by the dvr, no need for bulky batteries. If the camera is built into the glasses I won't even know I'm wearing a camera and people won't be suspicious or self conscious around me. Laws dictate that only law enforcement can have audio with one of these video glasses but for some reason the seller says audio is included. It all depends on who you buy it from. The cost? Only $400 for all! Plus I can I have the lenses made into my prescription. A 1GB SD card can hold 4 hours of video.

Posted by: Robin Shehyn at July 30, 2006 01:33 PM
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