Issue 5 of NYC2123 Out

nym | 10:39 AM


I keep posting whenever a new issue of NYC2123 comes out because the visuals are just so stunning. It's like a cybernetic sin city. Reading NYC2123 just makes you wish it was one of those blockbuster movies. It's amazing this stuff is free really.

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most excellent what a wonderful web comic... too bad it is targeted at the prohibitively expensive PSP... those guys want like the monthly wages of a fast food worker for one... still... rockin!

Posted by: anonymous at February 24, 2006 07:40 AM

would like to mention to the admin of igargoyle a website focused on biotech hobbies... here is the link... http://www.locusplus.org.uk/biotech_hobbyistNJ.html the link "amateurity and biotechnology" outlines some of the legal issues surrounding this stuff... and a case in the USA where a biotech hobbyist in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh has been charged along with a UP professor with some heinous stuff... this coincides with gargoyles and similar technological philosophies in that the legal implications are far reaching and stifling... thankyou for you consideration... -logmyip/anonymous reader...

Posted by: personalinfo at February 26, 2006 02:19 PM
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