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As a person who wears glasses, I find laser surgery facinating from a scientify point of view, but why stop there? Why not improve your vision? Sure you could create an eyetap with a zooming camera for your eyes, but a company called PixelOptics is trying to do one better, and they say they will be able to double the quality of a person's eyesight.

That company, PixelOptics of Roanoke, Virginia, just won a $3.5 million Department of Defense grant to refine its "supervision" technology, which Blum claims could double the quality of a person's eyesight. "Theoretically, this should be able to double the distance that a person can see clearly," he says.

At the heart of PixelOptics' technology are tiny, electronically-controlled pixels embedded within a traditional eyeglass lens. Technicians scan the eyeball with an aberrometer -- a device that measures aberrations that can impede vision -- and then the pixels are programmed to correct the irregularities.

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This is probably not the best title since 40/40 vision doesn't actually mean that you have double the quality of vision that a 20/20 person. What would be technically accurate would be 20/10 vision. Read the comments for more information.


40/40 would be the same as 20/20 or 10/10

40/40 is being able to make out a letter at 40 feet that a person with good vision can make out at 40 feet. so 20/200 is a person that can make out a character at only 20 feet while a normal person can make it out at 200.

I think you're looking for 20/10 which would be better than average vision.

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