Wearable iPod Displays

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iLounge just did a comparison of all the wearable iPod displays that were announced at this year's CES. They range in both price, and quality, but all come under $700, and are designed quite differently. The eMagin Eyebud comes out as the highest quality HMD of the lot, going past what the iPod can actually output, but you're going to have to wait for that one. If you want one now, you should go for the Icuiti DV920 if you can afford the $550 price tag.

eMagin Eyebud 800: ~$600 [800x600, 16 Million Colors, 1 OLED display] Release Date: First Half 2006

Icutit iWear for iPod: $300 [320x240, 2 LCD displays]
Release Date: Second Quarter 2006

Icuiti DV920: $550 [640x480, 16 Million Colors, 2 LCD displays]
Release Date: Now

MicroOptical myvu: $270 [320x240, I center-mounted AMLCD display]
Release Date: Now

[some prices rounded up a dollar]

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