Video Blogging as Sousveillance?

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Video Blogs are obviously the next big thing with sales of video iPods soaring and broadband becomming the norm for consumers. That being said, are video blogs the next big thing for sousveillance? I found this article over on We Are The Media, a site that reports on "News from the Vlogosphere":

There is a really interesting radio program on Democracy Now about the infiltration of the bike group critical mass by the New York Police who have been going undercover and videotaping the demonstrations and in some cases, getting themselves arrested to appear to be with the group. This was front page news in the NYT two days ago as well.

When will critical mass get a video-blog to show the world their story first hand? They’ve got lots of video that needs to get out documenting their demonstrations.

On the other side of the fence, where are the police surveillance video blogs? If there is lots of video surveillance going on, wouldn’t it be great for it to show up on a video blog? We as the public should be seeing what’s being seen by the police.

Transparency in video surveillance would be a good thing for both the police and the folks at critical mass.

[Watch the NYT Video]

I did an interview with Steve Mann a while ago, and one of the questions I asked him was what he thought of blogging:

You've talked about cyborg-blogging, what is your view on blogging and the Semantic Web?

Originally 'glogging (cyborglogging) was a way of keeping a personal diary that could be shared with the rest of the world, with dated entries, etc.. See for example,


I think that the proliferation of personal weblog diaries leads naturally to shared understanding and documentation of the world, since these entries often provide useful information, both historically as well as in a timeless sense.

Certainly if Mann were to reopen his sousveillance activities to the public, I think video blogging would be the way to do it.

[ Link via We Are The Media ]


something was fishy at st mark's poetry reading: they denied me from putting up a surveillance/sousveillance holiday tree: i was threatned with arrest and escorted out of what used to be a very free and open forum.

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