Surveillance with a Bang!

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How long is it until guns are mounted on surveillance cameras? Scott Kildall recently created an installation called Gun Control that examines just that.

Gun Control is an electromechanical installation, which explores underlying issues of both security and surveillance. Each of the four units incorporates a police-issue revolver and a small video camera. As people move into the installation space, the cameras track the movement and the guns follow.

However, the technology is imperfect. The cameras do not always function properly. The revolvers point at different targets. They sometimes twirl about playfully. The armatures shake and rattle. We are directly in the line of fire. This piece raises questions about our security-surveillance apparatus by prompting a visceral reaction.

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hey this is a gr8 idea that holds alotta potential, i see this as a better way of protecting property but more or less by engageing a person from inside a store who is robbing it, a nonlethal probe could be shot at them to disable them, And if you made it adaptable you are looking at a major untaped market in servos and pic controler use :), i truly see this as full beyta and in no where near working release to public or officials but, People can comunicate with peopole. Not the same when a machine is sent to do a job, so this could trully put police and officials outa harms way at a bank robbery or soemthing smaller without ever having to get in the building. Think about your options here this is a amazing idea just needs tweeking and carefully thinking, always remember to introduce lethal as a last alternative, nonlethal would be alot easier to market and maintain liabilities for. have fun modding and hacking :)

Posted by: Daniel Doillive at August 29, 2006 10:44 PM
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