Sousveillance Against Racist Police

nym | 12:45 PM
I didn't see this item until just recently, but a boy who was arrested by police in London used his phone to record a police officer swearing at him from the back of a police van.
The boy made the recording by activating his phone's record device as he was being put into a police van after his arrest in Paddington, west London in February.

A two-and-a-half minute tape of an exchange with Pc Yates, 26, a Territorial Support Group officer based at Paddington Green police station, was played to the court.

It is alleged that on it the officer swears repeatedly, accuses the boy of being a robber and rapist, and threatens to "smash your Arab face in".

Personally, I was once falsely arrested, and one of the two police officers responsible for the arrest threatened me by saying to his partner "Go get the sirenges and baggies from the glove compartment to put on this guy". Sure, racial harrasment is considered worse than threatening lies by most law enforcement officials, but having been exhonerated for what I was arrested for, such a claim might have some weight.

Still, the best tool of sousveillance that I have, years after that incident, is only a cameraphone. It really makes me want a DejaView [warning awful design] type device that records audio and/or video.

[ Link via wearcam via ideal government ]

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