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nym | 11:04 AM
With the tragedy at Sago Mine, the question of miner safety has become a major issue. To me, it's not just an issue of having ample rescue teams, but also of wearable computing. Some mines are using sensors throughout the mines, but why not go the next step and incorporate wearable computing to put sensors on the people themselves?
Some larger mine operations have atmospheric monitoring systems, with sensors placed throughout the mine to detect methane levels, smoke and carbon monoxide. All the information is fed into a computer on the surface, and dispatchers relay information about system failures to the teams below ground, said Mr. O'Dell.

I know wearable computing is expensive, and mines are not known for good wages, but it seems like they still lack simple communicative technologies, as ways for miners to communicate with the surface in the event of an emergency. Lets get these guys some technology folks!

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ok... you should make the systems gumstix based... i.e. one hundred bucks a pop... and make the miners liable for the cost... that way the system actually gets built.. or something...

Posted by: name at January 13, 2006 10:00 PM

The technology is hear, RFID VisorTrac. It is a RFID based system with Tags, Readers, all lenking the people and assets underground to a host computer top side. The VisorTrac system has MISHA aperovel on the RFID Tags witch can be in a methane enverment and worn by the miners or placed on a asset. The same people also have a VOIP underground mine phone! Check it out http://www.marco-na.com"
Now is the time that we have to MAKE THE MINE ONER'S
SPEND THE MONEY TO MAKE IT SAFER!!!! right now production is #1, safe comes 2ed. That's not right!! The mine oner's are delaying all the things that have to happen to get a tracking system in all 638 mines in are great nation. it will take a act of congress to really make this happen.

Posted by: Jamy at January 9, 2008 04:40 AM
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