Koyono iPod Work Shirt

nym | 10:48 AM


Elektek has partnered with another company, Koyono, to make an iPod work shirt. I recently reviewed the Kenpo iPod jacket, which uses the same technology for the controller. This one looks better for the cooler climates, and a bit more stretchy.

Like all BlackCoat designs, the Work has a minimal appearance and is made from the latest encapsulated waterproof fabric technology. What makes the Work different is its stretch cotton construction for uncompromising comfort. You will have just the right number of pockets to manage your gadgets and other mobile necessities and feel good.

My only concern is, given the price of these, you're only going to be able to wear this shirt once, maybe twice a week. I think I'll stick to my cheap iPod belt attachment.

[ Link via Davy Krieger. Thanks Davy! ]

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