Roomba Hacking Specs Released

nym | 09:41 AM
iRobot has released specs on how to hack your Roomba.
iRobot promised earlier this year that they were going to release the Roomba Serial Control Interface specification. After a few months, nothing showed up and we all forgot about it. They were good to their word though. Sometime in the last few weeks the SCI specifications document (PDF format) appeared on their site along with a webpage that explains how to determine if your Roomba has the serial interface. Older Roombas can be upgraded by buying a Roomba Osmo Hacker kit that will be available in January. We'll be expecting to hear about some really cool Roomba hacks soon.

I've aleady heard of people mounting a robotic monkey head on top of the Roomba, but like when Google Maps released their API, I think the flood gates are really going to open up now. Good job iRobot!

[ Link via Robots.net ]

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