Hoodlum Reactive LED Hoodie

nym | 11:55 AM


The future of fashion is definately in wearable technology, both for personal use, and to have clothes that react to the enviornment, which this hoodie aims to do. It's LED studded hood can pulse to music, which is the kind of thing that will the wearer that extra attention. After all, who doesn't like blinkies, especially if they're blinking in beat.

The Hoodlüm "pulses" light in tune with the music that the wearer is listening to, be it the slow beats of a sonata or the sharp staccato of techno-jungle. Alternatively, the wearer can change modes to enable the Hoodlüm to pulse in response to the sounds around him, whether in a dance club or a subway. Finally, the Hoodlüm can be switched off and look and function exactly like a "normal" garment. The result is increased control over the relationship between the wearer of the Hoodlum and the fellow participants of his urban context.

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