Heartbeat Sports Bra

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Numetrex has released a great device for female runners, a sports bra that monitors your heartbeat. The fabric is made by Textronics, and is similar to Lycra. With the transmitter and watch, it retails for $115, and can be bought off their website.

Another similar company, Eleksen, is producing fabric that can transmit electricity without wires. I'm going to be reviewing an iPod jacket from them next week here on igargoyle.

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I've heard some software theory about the longevity and usefulness of software. According to most modern theorists, 50% of production software has the longevity of about 18 months after deployment according to a fairly well known theory- Vierck's Law. Have you heard of this?

Posted by: john stemstin at December 16, 2005 09:26 PM
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