Spyeye Disposable Security Camera

nym | 12:33 AM


The Spyeye is a portable and disposable security camera designed for military operations. It can be mounted on a variety of surfaces to quickly to keep an eye out.

This sounds like the kind of thing one might want for the next time you go on a bank heist or go 24 on the local terrorist organization.
Once the Spyeye has been attached, the universal joint design enables the user to aim the camera at the area to be monitored.

Police or special forces entering a hostile area may deploy Spyeyes in key locations to monitor enemy activity. Spyeyes are small (slightly bigger than a ping-pong ball) and light weight (less than 50 grams) which make them easy to transport.

The Spyeye is battery operated and uses wireless communication to transmit images to a receiving monitor. Spyeyes are inexpensive so they can be treated as disposable units and can be deployed in a wide range of circumstances without the user having to be concerned about retrieving the units after use.

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