AwareCuffs - Wearable WiFi Sensing

nym | 01:33 AM


AwareCuffs are a geek invention that has a serious amount of style behind it. The cuffs give feedback to the wearer regarding WiFi signals in the vicinity.

AwareCuffs inform the wearer about wireless hotspots in the near sourrounding. If a person wants to check if wireless LAN is available, she usually has to boot a laptop or use a Wifi-finder, which in some situations is not appropriate. Instead the wearer of AwareCuffs simply glances on the cuffs. Small light patterns that appear on the cloth indicate if wireless LAN is available and the quality of service.

Fashion that reacts to one's suroundings, be it based on movement, location, noise, or other signals, seem to be an ever growing trend, especially as SIGGRAPH's CyberFashion Show gains influence and wearable computing becomes more commonplace.

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