Another RFID Implant

nym | 11:06 AM
Another bloke has decided to take the plunge into RFID by implanting an RFID chip into his hand. There are tons of others who have done this, one of whom did a MAKE interview on his implant, and there was also a big story on the Mexican Attorney General who got chipped.

The big difference with this new guy? He didn't do it for automation purposes. He just wanted to learn about RFID, and it only cost him $105 to do so.

He's demonstrating this human hackery at the next New York Dorkbot meeting next Wednesday, January 4th at Location One gallery in SoHo at 7pm.

Oh yeah, and here's a video of him implanting himself. Ewww... DIY cyberpunkery.

[ Link via boingboing ]

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