VoiceUbique: Discrete Audio Information

nym | 12:12 PM


VoiceUbique wants to provide discrete audio information for a variety of situations like audio guides for art tours, quiet television viewing at home, and mobile terminal access in noisy areas like on the train. They plan to do this with wireless headsets that pick up data over over an infrared chanel.

One of the things they're offering, at least optionally is RFID personalization. That is, if they know who you are by use of an RFID tag, they might say something custom to you. Wow, this sounds a lot like minority report, even if you can pull out the headphone from your year.

I can see this product as being helpful, but far from being something I'd invest in due to consumer adoption. I just don't think this would take off beyond nitch markets like museums, where they would be willing to rent out the headphones individually for self-guided audio tours.

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