nym | 09:04 PM
21:04 -!- Topic for #infoanarchy: SEXLAB 3000 -!- Topic set by Ash
20:35  * wmf looks at the topic
20:35 < wmf> Ash has gone Xeni on us
20:38 < Ash> haha
20:39 < Ash> wmf: dude, it doesn't say ROBOT VOMIT SEXLABITRON 3000 ON NPR

In other news, I still need others to help find content and write for igargoyle. I'm having trouble posting everyday, and I need you guys to step up!


i'd love to write stuff for igargoyle, but i remembered that that is the place i get all my interesting information from. *doh*.


Posted by: Wintermute at November 18, 2005 09:52 AM
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