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nym | 10:08 AM

Mediated reality product, "See-Free" promises a solution to all those pesky billboards that clutter the landscape by masking them out.


Steve Mann and his students originally broke ground in this area, which they call the Reality Window Manager (see below).

v0115r.jpg redoctd.jpg
See the Reality Window Manager Video

On the other hand, "See-Free" only offers pictures on their website, which made me wonder how well, if at all, their product worked. Hell, I can photoshop a pretty good mask job, but it's completely another thing to engineer a solution to masking all billboards, all the time. I wrote them to find out more, but so far they've declined to comment.


Notice that with their example photos there are things in the
foreground of the billboard, which may be possible, but I kind of
doubt it.

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