Technoprogressivism: Beyond Technophilia and Technophobia

nym | 09:29 AM

Interesting article on "Technoprogressivism", going beyond technophilia and technophobia. I'm interested in the politics of cyborgs and wearable computers, so to me, this makes a lot of sense.

A technophile is a person to whom we attribute a naïve or uncritical enthusiasm for technology, while a technophobe is a person to whom we attribute a no less uncritical dread of or hostility to technology. But what does it tell us that there is no comparably familiar word to simply describe a person who is focused on the impact of technology in a critical way that is attentive both to its promises and its dangers?

Why is it that any technocentric perspective on cultural, historical, political, and social questions is always imagined to be either uncritically technophilic or technophobic? Is it really so impossible to conceive of a critical technocentrism equally alive to real promises and alert to real dangers?

[ Link via Institute for Ethics and
Emerging Technologies

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