Robot Sniper Detector

nym | 11:51 AM


iRobot has made prototype robotic sniper detection system, called Redowl, as part of their military grade PackBot. The PackBot is a robot that is small enough to be carried on the back of a soldier, and has been carted around by it's human slaves many times already over in iraq.

Redowl features a laser pointer and illuminator, an acoustic localizer and classifier, a thermal imager, GPS (Global Positioning System), an infrared and daylight camera, and two wide-angle cameras.

In field tests, the PackBot-Redowl combination had a success rate of 94 percent in locating the source of rounds fired from 9mm pistols, and M-16 and AK-rifles, at a range of more than 100 meters, the company said.

Above: Robot dreams of the day when he can kill humans.

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