MoMA's SAFE Exhibition Photos

nym | 05:29 PM

I just wrote about this, and lo and behold, teh intarweb delivers me with photos. Here are my favorites from an amazing photoset from Core77:


SAFE : Design Takes On Risk, the first major design exhibition at the New York MoMA since its reopening featuring more then 300 products designed in response to Psychological and Physical Threats.


The 'Camcopter S-100' by Gerhard Heufler is a compact and lightweight helicopter with an autonomous flight-control system, was originally designed for aerial mine detection by the company Schiebel.


The 'Motherboard Shirt', by the Georgia Institute of Technology, has built-in sensors that are attached to the soldier's body and to monitor worn at hip level. It is activated when there is a break in the circuit, signifying a bullet wound. The Monitor records the vital signs of the soldier and relays the information to an on-site medical triage unit.


The 'DraegerMan PSS 500 Air Unit for firefighters' by Jakob Wagner.


The Securitree transmitter. Created by Raul Cardenas Osuna.


How to Disappear kit and vending machine. The kit can be purchased from vending machines located on city streets. Inside an anonymous video-cassette case, the buyer will find a booklet with instructions on how to dodge surveillance in public places, alsong with a selection of "disappearance gadgets".


The 'Urban Nomad Shelter', by Cameron McNall and Damon Seeley, is created to provide an inexpensive and well-designed shelter for the homeless. The bright colors and the use of translucent vinyl, ensure that the homeless are visible, which is important to ensure their safety.


The 'See and Be Seen Parka', by Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter allows the user to notice what is happening behind him.

And bonus, MoMA has put up a flash interactive exhibition on their website. Nice.

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