Inflatable Exoskeleton

nym | 09:43 AM
Here's a cool looking inflatable exoskeleton, which is being developed in Japan by Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi. Basically instead of using heavy hydraulics, the exoskeleton uses air compression, which can help bend or straighten arms.
The suit mimics the body's system of connecting muscles to bones via tendons.

It could be used to boost the strength of specific muscles, such as biceps or triceps.

The artificial muscles are made up of inflatable rubber tubes surrounded by flexible metal mesh connected at each end to the joints on the suit

When the tube inflates, the mesh bulges, which in turn pulls each end in and shortens the artificial muscle.

Pressure sensors all over the suit would tell the artificial muscles when to kick in.

These sensors sound a lot like the Segway, which detects small movements from a person, and uses those movements to decide to move forward, backward, or come to a complete stop. Having a grandmother who is not able to move as well anymore, I can see the significance of technology such as this. Check out the video of the suit in action!


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