Flamethrower Robosapian

nym | 01:00 PM


Robosapians are cool, but wouldn't a Robosapian with a flamethrower be cooler? Most robotics is more fun when it's dangerous, and even though this robot is tiny, we have to give it's hacker, Adam Plavinskis credit where credit's due; Good job, keep up the good work!


Next week on igargoyle, Flamethrower Robosapian vs The Subjugator! WHO WILL WIN?!?!


Above: Subjugator by Christian Ristow

[ Link via somewhere > OhGizmo > The Raw Feed > Clubbing Baby Seals > Hack A Day ]


50$ says Subjugator wins.

Posted by: KaOs at October 17, 2005 07:46 PM
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