Robostix: Robotic Gumstix

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I found this neat robotics kit from the Gumstix people called the Robostix, which I think would be a neat toy to hack with.

They have this pack called the robostix-bt pack which includes a gumstix with bluetooth, a robostix, a serial null-modem cable, a tweener (for debugging?), which all looks fairly decent and is selling for $226.

The robostix expansion board exposes 6 PWM Channels (2x8 bit, 6 programmable), 8 A/D, 24 GPIO, 2 UART at logic levels and an in-system programming port. The Atmega128 has 5V logic. robostix offers three power inputs: V-RoboBatt, V_Power and V-Motor. The connectors use industry-standard 0.1 inch spacing and, if wanted, the robostix board connects to the 60-pin hirose connector available on the gumstix basix and connex platforms. robostix may also be used stand-alone.

Designers seeking bluetooth wireless networking can use robostix with
either the basix platform or the connex platform now. For projects
seeking higher speed wireless connectivity, robostix and the gumstix
connex platform may be connected to the cfstix expansion board, which
offers a compact flash adapter that may be driven by a wide range of
WiFi compact flash cards.

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this is totally sweet... you guys rock for getting this scoop... /me bookmarks.. and again points out that analog is no where near dead... i.e. the A/D ports on this will accept analog sensor data...

Posted by: me again at October 5, 2005 06:24 PM
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