Covert Eyetap For Sale

nym | 07:07 PM



Someone's selling their covert head mounted display. Might be worth getting since most of the commercial HMDs out there are so geeky.

I am willing to sell this prototype for $1200, I will include documentation of my previous efforts as well as an upgrade that I never went through with (that gives more eye clearance and moves the screen closer to the center of your vision by relocated the connector board using spare hirose connectors that eMagin is willing to supply at about $3 each).

Keep in mind that this display is a true 800x600 pixel 24 bit color display.

This prototype gets its signal from a VGA cable. And it gets power from any USB

For this kind of cash though, I'd probably make sure you can get your money back if it isn't what you want.

[ Link via the wear-hard mailing list ]


Hmm, that's not an eyetap. An eyetap is also a mounted camera.

Posted by: lemming at March 8, 2007 01:38 AM
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