Snow Crash Adapting Tires

nym | 07:08 AM
Michelin has made these nifty tires which they call TWEELs, which probably make your ride quite a bit smoother, especially if you like going up curbs and over small animals.

Here's a quote from Snow Crash about the "Smartwheels", which are quite similar to the TWEELs, but with lazers and hyrdrolics, and some kind of embeded computer system:

"Each one consists of a hub with many stout spokes. Each spoke telescopes in five sections. On the end is a squat foot, rubber tread on the bottom, swiveling on a ball joint. As the wheels roll, the feet plant themselves one at a time, almost glomming into one continuous tire. If you surf over a bump, the spokes retract to pass over it. If you surf over a chuckhole, the robo-prongs plumb its asphalty depths."

These new tires are also being used on the new iBot mobility device and Segway's Concept Centaur.


[ Link to gizmodo article. Thanks Ordaos! ]

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