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Yes, it's that time of year again: the primary impact that Burning Man and methamphetamines have had on the computer industry is the SIGGRAPH Fashion Show. This year we learn that, In The Future, your clothing will look like an office building's HVAC system pooped on your head.

Oh wait, that was last year too. Nevermind.

"The event's latex-clad emcee and founder, Isa Gordon, referred to herself as the 'cyborg host' and read her lines from a head-mounted teleprompt running a Microsoft operating system. The device, which rested over one eye like a pirate patch, crashed several times during the show, then died mid-show when batteries ran out, requiring a return to paper scripts."

I wish I could have gone and seen the show, here's a quote about a device that I considered building a while ago. Darn, there goes my venure capital! Heh...

Virtual reality goggles from Electroboutique turn your environment into a fashion show by painting everything you see with Photoshop-like filters. Instead of viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, why not gaze at it "Matrixified" with cascading lime-green gobbledygook text?

And here'a a picture of an LED jacket I quite like:


Maybe I can do a real report on the Cyborg Fashion Show next year. Given my dad's connections to SIGGRAPH, I'm sure I could get free tix. I once was a SIGKid even.

[ Link to Wired Article via jwz ]

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