Contact Lenses as Sunglasses

nym | 07:30 AM

Nike, Bausch & Lomb have teamed together to make contact lenses that act as sunglasses, and assist sports players in various ways. It doesn't seem like vaporware either, it's reported to be bound for stores this month. The contact lenses are tinted in such a way that allows greater clarity for certain sports activites.

"Nike Maxsight contact lenses come in a grey-green tint and an amber tint, [see picture], to enhance different parts of the light spectrum for different activities.

The grey-green lenses are designed to enhance the green and red portions of the visual spectrum of natural sunlight to improve detail and contour recognition. This is ideal for sports played in bright sunlight such as golf, football, running and rugby.

The amber assists athletes playing fast-moving ball sports played in variable light such as soccer, tennis, baseball and softball. The tint selectively filters wavelengths in the blue-green portion of the visible spectrum, making the ball pop out of the background."

Sounds very interesting, although having worn contacts in the past, I kind of think they're a pain, but this may become a very hip thing to do, much like other cosmetic contact lenses.

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Posted by: Hammer at September 26, 2007 02:19 AM
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