The Encrypted Suitcase

nym | 01:37 PM

Imagine this: you're an informant with really really sensitive data. You have an algorithm that the NSA wants for themselves, in the right person's hands it would cause a revolution, but in the wrong person's hands it could lead to an era of tyranny.

You need to get your data to your contact. You have his key, but you can't be seen with him. At any moment you could be stopped, searched, or even killed.

This is where JanusBox comes in. It looks like a suitcase, except for a subtle vent on one side, but the payload isn't dead trees, it's a linux server with a very sophisticated system for keeping your secret data secret.

For starters, the system uses two VIA PadLock Mini-ITX C5Ps with hardware entropy and AES 128/256 - some wicked fast encryption. Secondly it has 700 gigs on board that use an AES256 cloop xfs. For all this encryption, you have a pass phrase with optional USB root plug keys using cloop XFS encrypted partions. AES 128 or 256 can be used with keying via SHA256 or 512 respectively. Finally the case features a padlock to discourage any kind of physical access.

For moving your data, two 32 Cardbus 802.11 slots allow you to make that encrypted transaction to your contact securely without ever coming too close. For even more security, an AES IPSec IP over Firewire cross-connect is provided.

But no encryption is secure if you also have your keys with you. This is where the really cool feature comes in- the Dead Man's Trigger.

Right under the handle of the suitcase lies a very important button. When pressed it forces your encryption keys out from it's volatile memory, as well as resetting both motherboards simultaneously, thus rendering the AES256 hardware accelerated partitions inaccessible. At this point, you can hand over the suitcase, and be confident that all you'll be releasing is pure entropy.

The creators, coderman and goldy of JanusWireless, are so confident in their design that they're taking it to this year's DEFCON with the SSID "hackthisidareyou". If they can can withstand a conference of eager hackers, it will likely stand any major attack.

JanusBox Hardware specs:

2 x Mini-ITX C5P with hardware entropy and AES 128/256.

4 x IDE HDD for 600G of AES256 cloop xfs.

2 x 32 Cardbus 802.11 slots.

2 x mini-PCI.

2 x PCI; quad port ethernet bridge and 16bit PCMCIA.

2 x VIA media ports (Dolby 5.1 SPDIF, SVideo, sound, etc).

AES IPSec IP over Firewire crossconnect.


I carried the box, I feel special now :-)

Posted by: kp at August 8, 2005 01:57 PM
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