Magnetic Implants

nym | 08:50 AM

Magnetic Implants are something I've heard about before, and interest me since it seems like a low tech way of extending our senses, a common desire of cyborg-enthusiasts. One of my friends has an implant like this; they're good for party tricks, as well as detecting magnetic fields.

In one sensory incident, I was walking out of the library, and I sensed the inductive anti-theft device. I have walked in and out of dozens of libraries hundreds of times, and never once have I thought about the magnetic fields passed through me to prevent me from stealing a book. I have been intellectually aware of the mechanism, but never paid attention until now. Another time I opened a can of cat food for my girlfriend’s pets, and I sensed the electric motor running. My hand was about six inches away from the electric can opener, and I was able to sense where the motor was inside of the assembly. Again it brought my attention to a magnetic source that I understood intellectually, but would have otherwise been unaware of. I feel I am one step closer to fully grokking the reality I inhabit. [Todd M Huffma]

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Very Intereasting..Yes get closer to the reality you inhabbited..!Its awesome by all means,,

Posted by: Josh at January 18, 2007 11:32 PM
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